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La Paz is a unique off the beaten path destination for Nature lovers! People come to enjoy the contrasting combination of desert and sea life. Nature encounters with whales, sea lions, whale sharks, and many more sea wonders, contrast with hiking and horseback riding in the ancient deserts and canyons, La Paz offers a variety of options for outdoor activities that let you appreciate the natural bounty of this land.

La Duna Retreat Sunset Baja


We are located in one of the Gulf of California's most beautiful coastal landscapes, just 40 minutes North of the city of La Paz, on the coastline bordering its Bay. We are close to the city but secluded enough to enjoy a star laced night sky, the undisturbed view of whale dwelling islands, and multicolored ancient mountains. Nature will lead your experience here, as you relax and allow it to touch you deeply.

La Duna Ecology Center Heart Hands


We strive to provide an environment of peace and simplicity, incorporating the creative participation of the local community and using sustainable technologies to supply our needs. Eight eco-friendly rooms are available for our guests. Our 8 beautiful desert rooms for two people have stone floors, stucco walls, and thatch roof. Solar powered lamps and a side table are available in each room .

La Duna Ecology Center La Paz Baja California Sur

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